• Sarah Morin

Superhero Crossword Puzzle

Hey there UASP! Ms. Sarah R has created a fun challenge for you. See if you can figure out this Superhero Crossword Puzzle! We'll post the answers on Friday!

Clues: Across 2. This hero is Batman's sidekick, and leads the Teen Titans 3. This hero is the king of Wakanda 6. This hero is the Norse god of thunder 7. This hero is an alien whose many powers include flying, super-strength, and laser vision 10. This family of heroes got their powers after being exposed to radiation during a mission in space 12. This hero is blind, and he fights crime using his "radar sense" 13. This hero is a member of the Avengers and is a master archer

Down 1. This hero is a wizard who protects earth from magical threats 4. This hero got his powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider 5. This heroine has bulletproof bracelets and a lasso of truth 8. This hero is a super soldier who was created to fight in World War II 9. This hero doesn't have powers, but he uses his genius and martial arts to fight crime in Gotham City 11. This hero fights crime using a robotic suit he built himself


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