All About UASP


Where are you located? 

Underwood After School Program is located on the lower floor of Underwood Elementary School. Our main office and Kindergarten room is located in room B10. Director Katie Keith's office is room B6, and is located in the middle of the hallway  



During a regular day at after school we offer snack, recess, gym, daily activity and homework/quiet time. Daily Activities include arts and crafts, STEM projects, gym and sports games, creative/ theater games, and free play time. Student choice is a large part of our programming. On Wednesdays we have lunch, extra recess time and longer activities. 
Other Programming: UASP also offers monthly clubs, field trips, holiday parties,  program wide events, and special guests. Special Programming is advertised on our website, via email and on our bulletin boards in the basement. 

Schedule and Tuition

Monthly Tuition: 

Mondays, Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays:

Care: 2:50-6:00PM

Monthly Tuition: $108 per day

Tuition Breakdown:

1 Day: $108

2 Days: $216

3 Days: $324

4 Days: $432

5 Days (Including Wednesdays): $595 (Includes full time discount

Wednesdays:  (Currently full, email to be put on our waitlist)

Care is 12:20-6:00PM

Monthly Tuition: $194


1 Day+ Wednesdays: $302

2 Days + Wednesdays: $410

3 Days + Wednesdays: $518



5% discount for full time students

5% discount for two siblings


June Deposit:

Upon registration June Deposit is due in the form of one month of tuition which will apply to June Tuition. The June Deposit is non-transferable and non-refundable. 


Drop-In Fee:

$30 per student for a regular day, $55 for Early Release Days

Extra Early Release Days:  

Newton Public Schools has scheduled six extra early release days on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the year. UASP is open on all the extra early release Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting at 12:10. No additional sign-up or fee is required for early release days if you are already enrolled on that day. (Unless we go on a field trip which may happen later in the year!) We have limited spots available for students who don’t normally attend on these days, and will send an email two weeks in advance to let parents know what spots are available. Spots are first come first serve. We try to plan program wide events on these days.   


Extra Release Days: October 7th, November 2nd, December 9th, February 3rd, March 24th and May 12th. 


Field Trips and Outside Clubs:

UASP holds several field trips and host outside clubs throughout the school year. These events and clubs usually have an extra fee, and is dependent on each event. UASP offers financial assistance for field trips and special events. Monthly in house clubs are free! 


Vacation Care: 

UASP offers Vacation Care during February and April Vacation weeks. Sign up will open a month before and is $85 per day. *Dependent on number of students enrolled. 


For more information about our tuition and policies please contact us at 


Parent Portal 

The Parent Portal is a tool that allows you to manage your UASP account online. Your Parent Portal is automatically created upon registration. We recommend logging in frequently to stay up-to-date with everything at after school. Use the portal to view your fees and payments, enroll into additional classes and events, send online payments, and see news and updates. 


Snow Days, Holidays and Vacations  

As a rule, when Underwood Elementary School is open and in session, UASP will be open. On holidays where there is no school, UASP will be closed. On snow days, UASP will be closed. On early release days, either scheduled or due to weather, UASP will be open.


We run a 4 day long vacation camp during February and April vacations, but not in December. Information about those camps will be sent out several weeks in advance. *Dependant upon COVID/EEC guidelines for 2021-2022. 

Pile of Oranges

Snack and Lunch

We offer a wide variety of different snack foods daily, including various crackers, pretzels, and other savory snacks, as well as an offering of fresh or dried fruit. Occasionally, we will provide a special snack or sweet treat for a party or other special event!


On Wednesdays and other early releases, lunch is available for purchase. Lunches are provided by Whitsons, which also provides lunch for the school on a daily basis.