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The Makers' CORNER

A Middle School MakersPACE

Open to students in grades 6-8, our new program gives middle school students access to materials and instruction that promote STEAM learning and fun through skill-building and exploration. The Makers’ Corner is a creative, progressive work/play space for students that provides them with a wide variety of construction and design skills to achieve their visions. ​Student will have access to most materials on all days of the program, for a free-flow, high-choice environment. They will receive training to earn a “license” to use specific tools, and then have access to all tools on which they have been trained.

CLUBS & SKills Offered in the makerspace

  • Variety of arts programming: screenprinting, fiber arts, sculpture, etc...

  • Scratch computer programming

  • Photography/videography and photo/video editing

  • 3-D Design & Printing

  • Stop Motion Animation

  • Sewing (Hand, machine)    & other fabric construction

  • Electronics & robotics

  • Construction with foam core, cardboard, wood, piping, etc.

  • Engineering Challenges: Designs to solve real-life problems

  • Makey Makey

...and much more!​

WHat Happens in a typical day?

  • Snack
  • A teacher-led club activity OR daily demonstration
  • Open Workshop Time
  • In the later part of the afternoon, students will have an opportunity for homework and outdoor recreation

Enrollment Options

Tuition Rates are monthly

Full Afternoon
2:45-6:00 on Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri- $124/day
2:00-6:00 on Tues- $152
Full Time Discount- $609
Half Afternoon
2:45-4:15 on Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri- $85
2:00-4:15 on Tues- $128
Clubs Only
2:45-4:15 (2:00-4:15 on Tues) for the duration of a 6-8 week club
(Registration & pricing for this will begin in the fall)


Room 8 at the Underwood Elementary School

(Separate from the elementary program)

101 Vernon St, Newton, MA, 02458


Email Makers' Corner Coordinator Kate Finnan

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