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This December, UASP will be running three week long Mini Clubs, created and taught by our amazingly talented staff. All mini clubs are free to students enrolled on the days they are being held! Sign up below!



Join Ms. Liz on a world tour of famous artists and art mediums! Kindergarten and 1st grade students will spend three weeks learning about three different countries and will make art inspired by artists from those countries.

Adventures in Art- Ms. Liz

Grades K-1

December 5th, 12th, 19th 4:15-5:15

Lego Car Racing - Mr. Joe 

Grades 2-5th

Join Mr. Joe for a hands on club using legos to build cars and test whose can go the fastest and furthest! Each week students will build on their designs, testing and upgrading them for the big race at the end of the club!

Students will explore their emotions and personalities with this unique painting project brought to us by Ms. Bahareh. Students will learn to express their feelings and personality through forms and color and will create a life sized version of themselves in paint. All projects will be saved for the annual UASP Art Gallery. 

Self Reflection Painting-Ms. Bahareh


Join Ms. Savannah as she teaches our Kindergarten and 1st grade students the basics of our favorite sport, Dodgeball! Each weeks K-1 students will learn the basics, the rules of the gyms, and how to play safely. They will also learn several varieties of the game!

K-1 Dodgeball Club- Ms. Savannah

Grades: Kindergarten-1st

December 6th, 13th, 20th

Zine Making Club- Ms. Liz
Grades: 2-5th

Have your voice shared and heard! Zine Club is a place to create your own mini magazine, filled with artwork, opinions on current issues, things to do in your neighborhood, recipes, and much more! Each week students will make a “Zine” that will be published and shared with their classmates.


Winter Caroling Club- Ms. Maya

Lead by Ms. Maya, students will gather to sing their favorite holiday and winter themed song. Held in two sessions, one for K-1 and one for 2-5th, both sessions will join together on the last Wednesday to share and carol together!

K-1st Grade 1:30-2:30

2-5th Grade 1:30-2:30

December 7th, 14th, 21st

Video Game Club-  Ms. Gina

Join Ms. Gina for Video Game Club, celebrating friendly competition in tournament style! Club will be held in two sessions, one for 2-3rd and one for 4-5th.

2-3rd Grade 1:30-2:30

4-5th Grade: 4:14-5:15


Spanish Club -Ms. Luisa 
Grades: K-1st

Spanish is perhaps one of the most popular languages in the US. Through games, songs and music students will learn basic vocabulary and be involved in a multicultural experience, taught by Ms. Luisa! Students will leave with a grasp of basics including body parts, colors and forms, and fruits and veggies!

December 1st, 8th, 15th

Ugly Sweater Club- Miss Jess 
Grades: 2-5th

Ugly Holiday Sweaters are a fun and creative part of the holiday season! Over the course of three weeks, students will create their own unique ugly sweaters to showcase in a mini fashion show at the Holiday Craft Party and everyone will be able to vote for their top three favorites! We are asking that students provide their own base sweater that can be cut up and used as a base.

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