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Shrinky Dink Tutorial from Ms. Kaela!

Hey there UASP!

Need something fun to do today? Here is an awesome tutorial from Ms. Kaela, our resident arts and crafts guru, on how to make Shrinky Dink Earrings at home! You can use this video to make regular shrinky dinks, or get creative and make earrings, key chains or other accessories.

Parental guidance is needed for this craft in order to use the oven and scissors. Drop a picture of your shrinky dinks or finished earrings in the comments!

Materials for Shrinky Dinks: - Picture of your choice for tracing or inspiration - Sharpies (work on both sides) or colored pencils if you draw on the rough side - Shrinky dink paper (This paper can be found on amazon, or you can use the flat tops of plastic take out containers as a recyclable alternative. Make sure you use sharpies on the plastic tops, as there is no rough side.)

Materials for Earrings: - Hole punch and scissors - Jump rings - Lobster claw rings - Earring hoops


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