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Ms. Mary's Musical Reviews: Part 2 Les Miserables

Ms. Mary's Musical Reviews: Part 2 Ms. Mary shares her favorite movies and musicals growing up.

Les Miserables: Les Miserables at the Classic Brit Awards 2011

My mother took me to see Les Miserables on stage when I was 8 years old. She explained as I watched and listened to the actors sing songs that told the story of love, injustice, and redemption. Over the years I have seen Les Mis on stage more times then I care to admit, with my favorite experiences being those in NYC and London. I chose this version to share with you because I was lucky enough to see some of the people on this stage in live productions in very small theaters in London. Many of our staff at UASP grew up with and love the performing arts; one of my favorite things about seeing a live production is the very first note of music that is played when the show begins-its a spine tingling moment! Lastly, I recommend watching Les Miserables in Concert: The 25th Anniversary-its one of my favorite productions!

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