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We had so much fun with our December Mini Clubs, we've decided to host another round for January! Sign up below! 



K-1 Capture the Flag with Ms. Savannah

Following all the fun with Dodgeball Club, Ms, Savannah will be teaching our K-1 students how to play Capture the Flag! Each week K-1 students will learn the rules of the game and how to play safely. They will also learn several versions of the game!

 January 9th, 23rd, and 30th 

Japanese Language Club with  Ms. Liz

Grades 2-5th

Following Ms. Luisa’s Spanish Club, Ms. Liz brings us Japanese Language Club! Students will learn some basics 0f  Japanese and study the culture (traditional and contemporary) of Japan. Topics include greetings and farewells, please and thank you, colors and numbers, seasons, and hobbies.


Combining theater and art, Ms. Maya will be leading a K-2nd grade Puppet club! Students will construct their own hand puppet and develop a monologue or short play based on its character.

K-2nd Puppet Club with Ms. Maya

 January 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st 

2-5th 3D Puzzle Club with Ms. Luisa

Cars, dinosaurs, buildings and animals! Puzzles are a great way to develop concentration, patience, organization, teamwork and coordination. Join Ms. Luisa in 3D Puzzle club where students will build their own 3D puzzles that they can decorate and take home!


K-2nd Chapter Book Club with Ms. Liz 

Join us for story time with Ms. Liz! Students will discuss their favorite chapter books, and choose a book to read as a group. Students will also be encouraged to color and draw while they read.

January 5th, 8th, 27th 

2-5th Expressionist Painting Club

UASP kids love paint, and we just so happen to have an artist who loves paint on staff! Join Ms. Baharah in the Expressionist Painting club where we will use different unique tools to paint while listening to music! Students will be able to get creative while also learning different painting techniques. 

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