Underwood After School Programs "Signature Programming" highlights the many talented and artistic educators at UASP.  These programs utilize their varied artistic and educational experiences to provide and enriching after school experience.


 We are always seeking to curate programming that is unique and geared towards our students interests. 

Signature Programming

Musical Theater and Performing Arts

UASP has always had a strong tradition of producing fun and hands on theater, through special clubs and productions. Last year UASP produced and performed it's first musical , Annie JR ,with 21 amazing students! Other highlights included Improv Club and Cabaret Club! Theater and Performing Arts clubs are offered at no extra cost to parents. Stay tuned for this years musical announcement, coming December 2022! 

Ski Club 

On Wednesdays in January and February, UASP takes a group of students to Blue Hills for Ski Lessons, and a day on the slopes! Students in grades 3-5th have the opportunity to take lessons, and further their skills. Extra fee required.

In House Clubs 

The staff at UASP is made up of creative and talented teachers with many different skill sets. Our staff create fun and engaging in house clubs for our students, where they can learn a new skill, work on long term projects and try new things! In-house Clubs are offered at no extra charge. 

Creative Arts  

UASP is very lucky to have several talented working artists on staff to create exceptional classes and activities for all of our students. In-House art clubs and long term projects offer a chance for students to enhance their artistic skills and gain experience with a wide variety of art mediums.  

Last Spring UASP held an art gallery to showcase all of the wonderful art that students had created during a month long art fest. Check out their work below!  Creative Arts programming is offered at not extra charge.

Adventure Club 

Catering specifically to 4th and 5th grade, Adventure Club takes students on field trips in and around Newton on Wednesdays in the Spring. Past field trips have included meeting the Mayor, a tour of local historic sites, hiking nearby trails, and kayaking on the Charles River. Stay tuned to see where Adventure Club is heading next! 

Partner Clubs 

UASP partners with several program and organizations to bring unique and exciting opportunities right to our home in Underwood. Chess Wizards,  CinemaKidz, RainbowDance and Buildwave are a few of the programs we have partnered with just this year! Stay tuned for pictures and finished projects from these clubs!